Vertical dimension 2240x670x860mm Vertical channel size 2020x700mm Main box packing size 755x435x255mm Detection door packing size 2290x640x220mm Net weight of main box/detection door 67KG Gross weight of main box/detection door 75KG

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  1. A  It is harmless to people who have cardiac pacemaker or else inside and pregnant women as well as to magnetic floppy disc , magnetic tape and videotape.
  2. B  It accords with"3-GUN TEST"FAA standard and all the NILECJ-0601-00 safety standards.
  3. C  It accords with Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and the rules of EC.
  4. D  It accords with EN55011,FCC on radio interference  and VDE0875 standard.
  5. E  It accords with GB15210-2003.
  7. Sensitivity of every zone adjustable: With a sensitivity range of 0-200, the detector can exclude jewelry, buckle, and metal zipper and so on .At the highest sensitivity, it can detect an article as small as a clip. 
  9. Strong anti-jamming capability: The system filters and balances signals through digital signal processing technology (DSP) to efficiently avoid distortion and failure.
  10. Operation methods: The parameters are adjusted by manual adjustment on the operation panel.
  12. Alarm tones: There are 10 optional tones and the length of the tone is adjustable.
  13. Other functions: Intelligent statistics depend on the number of people and the times of alarm
  14. Internet access (customize):According to different requirements, a computer can control forty detector doors at the same time.
  15. Parallel network:Several detectors can be put into use in parallel network with a distance merely 35cm.
  16. 6 detector zones: These equal parts lap over each other and they can alarm at the same time.
  17. Display;It selects high definition television LCD display.
  18. Alarm zone indication: LED indicator lamps are built in the side of every alarm zone. Thus, it is more obvious and accurate to indicate the position where the metal article locates on the people.

Brand : Non Brand

Color : White

Product Type : New

Weight : 67 kgs

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