Technical parameters: Passage dimensions: 2000 mm *750 mm *530 mm External dimensions: 2200 mm *870 mm * 530 mm Power supply: AC 220V Power: 30 W Working environment: -20 c-- 55 c Machine net weight: 75 Kg Transportation weight: 90 Kg Standard: GB152

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*With high precision 11 areas, it features more accurate detection.
*The indicator light automatically shows the interfering signal of installation environment.
*Each area can be independently set with 0-99 sensitivity range.
*It can be as sensitive as detecting clip-sized metal.
*Intelligently Automatic recording of alarming times and number of people passed.
*With the unique infrared setting, it has strong omission proof and anti-interfering capacity.
*The cipher protection can prevent parameters being maliciously changed by unauthorized people.
*It is harmless to pacemaker, pregnant woman or magnetic storage media.
*Button operation through gentle touch.
*It is equipped with LED indicator lights as high as human body at the both sides of the gatepost.
*The result will be clear at a glance.
*Applying digital impulse and magnetoelectric compatibility, it features faster sensing, more accurate detection, higher sensitivity and stronger anti-interference capacity;
*With a fixer, it is slip, water and damp proof.

Brand : Non Brand

Color : White

Product Type : New

Weight : 90 kgs

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