How to Become a Partner

At MuktoMall, it's very simple and flexible to become a business partner. Just three steps need to become a partner.


Firstly, register to our platform by completing all the required fields provided in registration form with valid information or a registered Agent will be the one to add partner.

Secondly, after successful registration, our team will be reviewing all your information if the clients are qualified to be our partner.

Lastly, after a review, the registration will be approved within (24 – 48 hours) if the client passed the criteria needed.


After approving the partner, our team will be sending an email to our partner, requesting for documents as a proof of being a legitimate vendors.

  1. Copy of Business Registration
  2. Copy of Business Permit
  3. Two copies of valid owner ID


Our team will also send the Partnership guidelines please see  the link.