Portable AC Electric Line System, FM Radio Package with power bank.

High Quality Power Bank

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  • Portable AC Electric Line System, MP3, FM Radio Package with power bank.
  • FM radio, support USB / TF card slot, Pen Drive Support MP3 format (TF card is not attached).
  • Can be charged from the power (AC Line-110-240 Volt).
  • Use of the power to get rid of trouble in AC lighting systems, use anywhere.
  • AC lighting systems, using your shop, office, phutaghapata / Road, keep the house always illuminated.
  • Once a full set of LED lights -18-20 hours and charge continuously 1 2 set LED lights can burn 8-10 hours of light.
  • Power can be charged from the Time-4-8 hours to charge the battery full.
  • To be done:
  • 1. Includes 6-volt battery -4000 mAh Lead-Acid Battery -1 Main set (continuous, you can burn 5-7 hours of light).
  • 2. Highlight LED bulbs 02-watt T 1-3 (15-20 feet with his and switch) -2 Set.
  • 3. Mobile Phone Charging / USB Cable / Jack-1Set, Mobile Phones, Tab PC, Game, MP-3, Mini Fan, Light, can charge.
  • 4. AC Line Cable/Adapter-9Volt-1pc.
  • 5. MP3 Remote Control-1Pc.
  • Main Set-Size-8.46''*5.31''*2.55'' inches.
  • Extra 06 Volt Output shoket- with the 06 Volt can be used for other purposes.
  • Brand Name-GDPLUS, ABS Plastic, Low voltage which is very safe.

Brand : Local Brand

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