(A Concern of Bipzy Limited),   a   private   limited   company incorporated  in  Bangladesh  under  the  respective  companies  Act 1994; having an office at Nikunjo-2, Road# 20, House# 10, khilkhet, Dhaka-1229,  Bangladesh,  will  be  referred  to  as  “The  SECOND PARTY


WHEREAS, the FIRST PARTY is in the business of selling products.

WHEREAS,  the  SECOND  PARTY is engaged in providing an online-based shopping platform, e-commerce and other related services.

WHEREAS, the SECOND PARTY has an online market place called the “MUKTOMALL ONLINE SHOPPING”  with web address at:, with  B2B  &  B2C  e-commerce functionalities.


WHEREAS, the FIRST PARTY desires to avail of the services of the SECOND PARTY to sell its products through this online market place, and the SECOND  PARTY agrees to provide said services, under the terms and conditions provided below.




Section 1.Online Muktomall Shopping.   Online MuktomallShopping is an online marketplace providing businesses with an alternative mode of selling products to consumers.  It is a hosting facility where businesses can upload details and pricing of their products and to consummate sales transactions through electronic payment facilities.


Section  2.Nature  of  Hosting  Services.SECOND  PARTY solely provides a platform or a virtual  “marketplace”  for  the  FIRST  PARTY’s  use.   All  data  and information provided with  regards to FIRST  PARTY’s  products  such  as  pricing,  shipping,  listing,  sourcing  and  the  likes  –  is  the  sole responsibility  of  the  FIRST  PARTY.    SECOND  PARTY  does  not  guarantee  the  existence,  quality, safety, efficacy or accuracy  of  the  products  and/or  posting.    Neither  does  the  SECOND  PARTY guarantee the ability to pay of the Buyer or Consumer.  It does not guarantee that the buyer or seller will actually deliver or complete a transaction or that the consumer  will return the product in the event of non-payment .




Section 3.Access to the Service.  The use, access or sign up to the service is for free, SECOND PARTY will only be entitled to compensation for consummated sales on a commission basis, or sales paid by the Buyer or Consumer.  However, additional fees may be charged for multiple photo fees, and enhanced marketing fees.  These fees and charges will be subject to a quote for services, and no such additional fees or charges will be charged without the FIRST PARTY’s prior approval.


Section 4.Commissions.   SECOND PARTY receives payment from the Buyer  or Consumer and  shall  be  entitled  to  a  commission  of…………..percentage  share  in  all  sales  transactions  of

…………………………..category  products are done through   ONLINE   MUKTOMALL  SHOPPING. This commission will be deducted from the sales price of products sold and shall be remitted by the SECOND PARTY to the FIRST PARTY’s nominated bank account.


Section 5.Notification  to the Buyer or End User.   SECOND PARTY  will  notify the FIRST PARTY of each sale made, the sale price, the commissions due, and other details through an Electronic Invoice.   Buyer  or  Consumer  will  also  be  notified  through  email  or other electronic means,  and/or through SMS, in the event that electronic notification fails.


Section 6.Taxes.   Each party shall be responsible for declaring their respective incomes and the payment of the correct tax to the government.  SECOND PARTY shall declare as its income, only the commissions due and collected pursuant to Section 4 above.



Section 8. Posting of Products.  The primary responsibility of uploading, posting or listing the products for sale in SECOND PARTY’s page in ONLINE Muktomall SHOPPING’s website.  FIRST PARTY shall abide by the terms and conditions set forth  in this url: The terms and conditions may vary from time to time, and the FIRST PARTY agrees to be bound by and shall observe the same.   In addition to the same, FIRST PARTY shall:


a.     be responsible for the content, accuracy and genuineness of the product posted for sale (this shall include the detailed title and sub title, price, quantity, picture and description);

b.     not misrepresent or deceive prospective buyers or customers by providing false or misleading information about the products listed for sale;

c.    ensure that the price listing is current and that products listed are available;

d.    provide products within the given timeline to deliver them to buyers;

e.    ensure that the product offered for sale is in good and saleable condition;

f.     consents to the modification or deletion of listing or posting that violate any of

SECOND PARTY’s policy, solely at SECOND PARTY’s discretion;

g.     warrant that products listed, and the information provided shall not infringe on any intellectual property of other persons or entities;

h.     ensure that the products listed for sale are licit and the SECOND PARTY have the legal capacity to transfer ownership and are not “smuggled” items; and,

i.      understands that the posting or listing of a product is an offer to purchase, which if accepted and/or paid by the Buyer or end-user, will give rise to a valid contract of sale;

j.      agrees   that   its   account   in   ONLINE   MUKTOMALL   SHOPPING   may   be suspended  or  terminated  if  it  violates  any  of  the  terms  and  conditions  of  this Agreement  and  its  Annexes  or  other  applicable  policies  referred  to  in  this



Section  9.Rating  and  Ranking.   To enhance customers, buyers and end  users’  experience, SECOND PARTY shall maintain a listing and ranking of VENDORS in its website.   FIRST PARTY consents to be listed and ranked for comparison with other VENDORS and agrees to the collection, compilation and analysis of pertinent sales and other data to accomplish the same.


Section 10. Consent to use Marks and other Content.  FIRST PARTY grants to the SECOND PARTY a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, royalty free, and irrevocable right or License to use its logos, trademarks, service marks, materials, product listings, images and data for the sole purpose of promoting  FIRST   PARTY’s   products,  and   to   drive  sales  and   traffic  to   the   website  ONLINE MUKTOMALL SHOPPING.


Section  11.Delivery.   Delivery of products sold shall be the responsibility of the SECOND PARTY, and it shall track and report delivery of the products through the online tracking module of the website.

Section 12.Product Return and Refunds. In the event that the customer finds the products to be broken, faulty, and incomplete, damaged or in a condition not matching the description provided in the website,  and  the  customer  returns  the  product  within  3days  or  within  the  timeline  of  ONLINE Muktomall SHOPPING Return Policy, the customer shall be entitled to a Refund of payments made. The refunds shall be made either by providing customer voucher or reversing the transaction or restoring the credit in  Customer’s bank account and other such similar electronic means, or, if such means are cumbersome or expensive, by payment through a check mailed to the Customer.  The refund of the purchase price shall be the full responsibility of the FIRST PARTY and it shall not prejudice the SECOND PARTY ’s entitlement to  the sales commission, which will be considered as its fee for reversing the transaction.



Section  15.No  warranty  and  Limited  Liability.   FIRST  PARTY  agrees that the use  of  the Services provided by the SECOND PARTY is at the FIRST PARTY’s risk, and it is being provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis.  As service provider, SECOND PARTY shall not be liable for any damages or losses resulting directly or indirectly from:

a.    the content provided by the FIRST PARTY in using the Services;

b.    the use of or inability to use the Services;

c.    pricing, shipping and delivery;

d.    delays or disruptions in the Services;

e.     viruses or other malicious software obtained by accessing or linking to the internet to avail of Services; and,

f.     damage to FIRST PARTY’s hardware devices.




Section 17. Arbitration.  All disputes or claims rising or arising from this Agreement shall be resolved exclusively through final and binding arbitration, rather than in court.  However, if the claim or dispute can  be resolved in a  small claims court, no referral to  Arbitration is necessary, and the dispute or claim can be adjudicated at the small claims court in the City of Makati to the exclusion of all other courts  of equal jurisdiction.   The arbitration will be conducted by  a sole arbitrator of  the Bangladesh International Arbitration Centre under its Rules and Procedures.



Section18.Liability and  Indemnity.    FIRST PARTY shall indemnify the SECOND PARTY and at its own cost, hold the latter harmless against any claim or action which alleges that the listed Product or Product Information infringes a  patent,  copyright,  or other intellectual property  or proprietary right of a third party or person recognized under Bangladesh Law.


Section 19.Review Process.  The parties will adopt a Review and Rating Process which will be considered as an integral part of this Agreement.   This process may provide for a system to rate and review Vendors and will be applicable to all Vendors in the ONLINE Muktomall SHOPPING website.

Section  21.Effective Date and Termination.   This Agreement shall take effect immediately upon its execution and shall continue for 01 years and may be terminated at any time by either or both parties, by sending written notice of at least one (1) month prior to the intended date of termination, either by email, fax or postal mail.