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  •     Regardless of what your child is learning? You do not give your baby's study? What do you want your child willing / happy to be studying? If you order today, which is the digital book will act as your child's teacher for the digital home, so I do not need teachers
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  •     The package contains 4 books, 1 reader pen and 1 charger. The books are: (1) English 1, (ii) English II, (3), Bengali (4). Arabic
  •     You can book the above 4 by touching anywhere on the part of the digital pane will tell you what is written automatically. Everything is in the books 3 languages ​​(Bengali, English, Mathematics and Arabic) can find out
  •     Crystal Clear Sound
  •     Clearly improved voice recording
  •     When repeated over and over again by touching the kids to memorize words
  •     MP3 files can be stores
  •     Voice can be recorded
  •     Children will be able to read by listening
  •     1 Year Warranty

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