Power inverter -200 Watt + battery charger -5 Amp Set

Aluminum Power Converter and Inverter

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  •     Power Inverter-200W /IPS-& Battery Charger 5 AMP -Set
  •     IPS / Power Inverter + battery charger (Auto) -12 Volt DC to 220/230 Volt AC converter Set. Note: the battery is not connected.
  •     One of the problems of load shedding. load-shedding of all the people. One solution is to load shedding Power Inverter / IPS.
  •     5 Amp- (Auto) supports battery charging battery ranges: * DC 12 Volt battery 9,11,13,15, 80 Amp to 01 Amp 17.21 plate battery charging or battery charging (charging Range) can be used for.
  •     Power inverter compatible battery: * Battery -9,11,13,17,21,27 any DC 12 Volt 165 Amp to 01 Amp-plate battery or batteries can be used for, such as Easy Bike, Car, Bus, Truck, Solar, IPS, motorcycle battery can be used.
  •      Any AC (power) Electric Equipment(W / Watt of the device): - eg: Laptop, Computer, Camera, Torch light, Mobile phone, Projector, LED TV, LED Monitor, Sound Amplifier, Printer, Scanner, Fan, Light & Others electrical / electronic devices, can be used W (Watt) per.
  •     Backup Time: 1 to 6+ hours (depending on battery and load), bi Note: the battery is not connected.
  •     Your shop, offices, sidewalks, houses, cars, gardening, hatchery, river, pond, use It.
  •     With which includes: an electric line connection diagram to be given, Electric Line Changeover swith-1pc, power inverter -1 pitch, battery charger -1 pitch, electric lines, cable -1 pitch, battery clip (cable including) -4 T.
  •      Color-Black, White, Silver, yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Golden Colour.
  •     Input: AC 220/240 Volt. * Phase: Single phase, FREQUENCY: 50Hz (50-60Hz)
  •     Output Volts (charger): DC 14.4 Volt, * Output Current:
  •     Output voltage (inverter): AC-220V (200-230V)
  •     Made In China. *Brand New Product.
  •     Power (Electricity) cut then Electric Line (Changeover) will be on Swiss

Brand : Non Brand

Material : Aluminum

Color : As the picture show

Product Type : New

Weight : 1.5 kgs

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