Security Bazar BD

Security Bazar BD

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Security Bazar BD is a security solution supplier in Bangladesh. Different products like CCTV camera or IP Camera, DVR, Monitor, Cable, Fingerprint Scanner, Guard Petrol System, USB Finger Scanner, Tripod Turnstile, Hand Held Metal Detector, Walk Through Metal Detector etc. Their product is rock solid and they are the importer of recognized brands like Hikvision, Dahua, Zkteco etc. Smart design with better quality and of course price compatible product. Choose your desired product and secure your best buy deal with Us.

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Customer will get the ordered product at the doorstep within 3 to 5 working days after acceptance of any order. Customer will get a door to door delivery in his/her given address. All the products ordered together may not be delivered together. Hereinafter, the total shipping charge will be disbursed to the products that will be delivered finally. The customer can pre-pay for his ordered products and in case of post-payment, the customer will pay according to the payment option he/she had chosen before.

Delivered item/s are Defective – Item/s don’t work based on manufacturers specifications (i.e. manufacturers defect). In this case return condition/s* In original packaging, all accessories intact. Mishandled item/s – Damages happened based on courier mishandling the item/s. In this case return condition/s* Unopen box, seal intact. Wrong / Incorrect Shipments – item/s received are incorrect based on what the customer has ordered or what was specified on the website during purchasing time. 

Customer will be able to cancel the order prior to the acceptance of that order but after accepting any particular order no modification or cancellation will be possible. Hence, if the customer will not be able to cancel any order after accepting the order.